Hi, I’m Stephen.

Coming up with ideas for businesses or products and services has never really been a problem for me, other than coming up with way too many to ever actually do anything with…

A few years ago I created a mind map with all my ideas in one place and every time I looked at it, I got depressed trying to figure out which one(s) to pursue…

Having spent a long time figuring out my “why” I have decided that I now know which things I want to spend the next 10 years focussing on and which of the ideas that I’ve had up to then don’t fit into that why.

Obviously some of these ideas could fall under more than one category – say YouTube show and Training/Coaching for example to have two different parts to the business.

This info is all free and put here to help spark your own ideas and help you to go do something you feel passionate about and figure out a way to make money doing it.

If I have a domain name already bought for the idea or a logo I will list them with the idea. If the name/domain makes sense for you then you can buy it through Afternic easily and securely. If another name makes sense for the same business idea then you go do you! If you like the logo, create your own version of it – if you buy the domain I’m more than happy to send you the .ai or .eps file of what I have to help you with the basis for your new venture but I don’t do revisions or edits, etc – you’ll have to figure that bit out for yourself.